Top Ad Ideas


Vizzy Hard Seltzer says it’s not a drag to live in Canada

The Molson brand got Priyanka to dole out compliments and fight our ranking among the most “miserable” countries.

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Drug Free Kids wants to keep parents talking

FCB Montreal’s new PSA gets parents to take a positive approach to conversations about drugs, instead of scolding.


Pantene gets to the roots of an identity issue

The haircare brand aims to show LGBTQ+ people they don’t need to hide who they are at work.

Toronto,Canada-august 1,2015:view of the CNN towers in Toronto during a sunny day from une of the central street of the city.

Razom imagines if the CN Tower went up in flames

Tank and Grey created scenes of Canadian landmarks ravaged by war to motivate donations to Ukrainian relief efforts.


James Ready holds its own with special cargo pants

Conflict helped the beer brand design big-pocket trousers that can keep a 2-4 cold and close by.


IFEX shows its support for press freedom

A campaign by Good & Ready shows how attacks on civic spaces and journalists are often one and the same.


Earth Day prescribes a day off to remedy eco-anxiety

Sid Lee’s campaign shows how taking a time out can be good for both an individual’s health and the planet’s.


A sweet pop-up for Wizarding World fans

Warner Bros. marketed the release of a new Fantastic Beasts movie with an immersive bakery themed after one in the film.


HelloFresh has some bad news for raccoons

Posters in urban areas are an “apology” for the meal kit service’s track record in reducing food waste.


CloudTax courts complacent Canadians

In new work from Church+State, the software company is looking to prove that filing taxes doesn’t have to be done through gritted teeth.