Canal Voodoo

Canal invites you to ‘dive’ right in

Canal’s self-aware soccer ad provides a possible explanation for all those dramatic tumbles.

Werktuck chair

A lounge chair that requires some heavy lifting

German company Hornbach’s new build-it-yourself lounge chair makes an argument for accessible design.

Stim Nandos

Nando’s sees red

The resto is correcting the names that auto-correct deems worthy of the squiggly red line.

Laurence's Secret

Laurence’s secret

An escape-room-like challenge invites people to investigate the signs of chronic alcoholism.


Toyota starts its impossible with a Dutch paralympian

The global Olympic sponsor taps a personal story.


Aussie Tourism Board’s newest ad is a crock

Why not embrace the stereotype?


Gucci unveils a custom animoji

The animated Boston terrier heads are a tie-in to the brand’s Year of the Dog campaign.


Skyn makes a travel guide for lovers

The condom brand creates a surprisingly robust look at the world’s most intimate travel destinations.


Step into Nissan’s self-driving slippers

The car company’s automonous driving technology is being used on a lot more than cars.


Pornhub’s dark period

The adult site is targeting women with a straight-talking ad on menstruation.