Holograms with a human touch

Rosapark displayed the true beauty of Brussels: its people.


Master your grill one comic strip at a time

Just in time for barbecue season, the five-part Brazilian campaign by J. Walter Thompson offers grilling tips illustrated by Brazilian comic book artist Rafael Grampá.


Corona steps outside for Earth Day

On April 22, those looking for the beer won’t find it on store shelves.



Ogilvy’s new work for KFC is, as the kids say, lit.


Chill out, Coachella, Peet’s got your cold brew

The American coffee company took to the California desert to promote its cold brew coffee to thirsty festival-goers.

The United Collection

Fashion takes a stand

Amsterdam-based fashion collective Young Designers United created a new collection as a statement on global conflicts.

Burger King

What would you do for a BK meal?

The ad for Burger Kings in France promotes the new ‘Kool King’ menu for youth 8 to 12.


New campaign shows the darker side of plastic

FF New York’s emotional new awareness campaign puts pollution in the hot seat.


This is not the worst song in the world, this is just a tribute

Rosapark went a pretty long way to drive home a point about grocery delivery. And you know what? We love it.

Good Loop

Knorr’s latest ad does good

Ad-tech company Good-Loop wants to reward those in need when you watch the video.