BMW helps drivers find a lesser-known signature

Performance Art used AI to identify roads shaped like a 60-year-old design feature.


Ukrainian agencies team up to showcase their Power

A new tool co-developed by IamIDEA showcases creative shops seeking international clients due to the war with Russia.


Whirlpool is getting couples to sign a contract for chores

With its “Fairest Prenup,” the appliance brand has couples talking about a fairer division of household labour.

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Bally’s bets on its name

Angry Butterfly’s ads for the U.S. sportsbook are light on the bet-now-or-lose-out hyperbole common in the market.


Movember drops its balls as an NFT

“Non-Fungible Testicles” are both a fundraiser and a reminder to regularly check for signs of cancer.


Burger King serves jabs to its competitors

The QSR paired with Publicis Montreal to create a series of clever print ads that promote its new delivery service.


Knix tells women to embrace being big and strong

In a video featuring a pregnant Ashley Graham, the intimate apparel brand shows strength isn’t just for boys.


HSBC identifies a most auspicious shade

To coincide with today’s Lunar New Year, the bank created “the Luckiest Red” using more than 18,000 works of art.

1 - Cossette & Camtel

Camtel isn’t Blue about its new brand’s design

Why Cossette Montreal leaned into all the upsides of the signature colour for the Cameroonian telco.


Skyn designs packages to overcome condom excuses

On World AIDS Day, the brand put a new spin on its products to put an end to any argument.