Meals on Wheels brightens the day of isolated seniors

To drive donations, a campaign by Public shows the touch of happiness the non-profit delivers alongside its food.


AAA shuns superstar spokespeople

Step aside, athletes and musicians: the auto insurer and Leo Burnett are projecting a new kind of confidence.


BetterHelp wants men to open up about mental health

A spot shot by Untitled Films shows men might need to get over their hang-ups about online therapy.


Lil Nas X and Elton John exchange looks for Uber Eats

The meal delivery company enlisted the musicians to promote its restaurant and grocery services.


Heinz Spain scores a win by celebrating a lost fight

When the famed La Tomatina tomato fight was cancelled once again, Rethink found another use for the excess fruit.

Pepsi Brings First Ever Immersive Amusement Park Experience To Hersheypark With Pepsi Pop Star

Pepsi creates a theme park for would-be pop stars

Designed with Jam3, the space features pods where visitors can create and share customized dance performances.


SingleCut brews up a celebration of the guitar

The brewer’s latest design from Zulu Alpha Kilo pulls double-duty as a music lesson.


The IOC turns to a Canadian crew for the Tokyo Olympics

A series of spots focused on collective resilience were created over three years and four continents.


Human Rights Foundation hijacks a Yeezy ad

Taxi helped the foundation bring attention to the use of forced Uyghur labour in the fashion industry.


Putting a human face on travel booking

Broken Heart Love Affair’s chilling new spot for Internova Travel shows AI might not have the same idea of “fun” as you do.